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About Us

Breakthrough ideas from independent leaders who create meaningful distinctions in the healthcare market and suggest an insightful exchange of information for sound decision making.

HealthOur work – the business of health and the health of business – is geared toward helping organizations promote the notion that keeping people healthy is a good business strategy. We consult with companies and business groups in developing corporate strategy, strategic alliances and business models for prevention-centered, population wellbeing and culture of health collaboratives worldwide.

Our vision is built around value creation through meaningful productive interactions and personalized experiences of customers. Our focus is population health improvement, trusted employee engagement, work life balance achievement, and the creation of neighborhood organizational “cultures of health” designed to improve the economic wellbeing and quality of life of all stakeholders.

Our Capabilities:

  1. The Business of Health and the Health of Business
  2. Disruptive Innovation and Breakthrough Ideas for Sound Decision Making
  3. Market Sector Focus and Meaningful Distinctions Action Plans
  4. Strategic Roadmaps Insights: Employee Engagement and Workforce Wellbeing
  5. Informed Opinion Leadership Decision Support Dashboard Tools
  6. Benchmarking for Sustainable Competitive Advantage Action Plans
  7. Realignment, Corrective Action Simulation Modeling Tools
  8. Value Creation Through Meaningful Productive Interactions and Personalized Experiences of Customers

Market Sectors

- Insightful Information Exchange For Sound Decision Making

“Informed Opinion Leadership Action Group Corporate Summary”
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Top 10 Market Sectors:
1. Employers and Strategic Adaptation Business Alliances
2. Consumers [Employees, Family Members, Caregivers and Advocates]
3. Clinics, Medical Group Practices and Trusted Clinicians
4. Hospitals and Neighborhood, Guided-Care Transitions of Care Collaboratives
5. Community Health Plans and State Comprehensive Health Insurance Plans
6. Accountable Care Organizations and Emerging Systems of Disruptive Innovation
7. Life Sciences Companies and Human Behavior [Consumer Engagement] Firms
8. Secondary Data Use, Enabling Technologies and Device Firms
9. Retail Care Boutiques, Personalized Care Networks and Precision Medicine Centers
10. Health, Financial Security and Life Fulfillment Firms

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Meaningful Distinctions


- Meaningful Productive Interactions and Personalized Experiences of Customers

Change Agents Offer Bold Rx for Complying With Health Care Reform:
Landmark employer survey published in American Journal of Medical Quality
(Click to View)

Volume 26, Supplement 1, January/February 2011 - American Journal of Medical Quality:
- Editorial: 'Meet the Enemy: He Is Us' - David B. Nash, MD, MBA (Click to View)
- Article: "Necessity Prompts Strategic Adaptation" - Les C. Meyer, MBA (Click to View)
- Commentaries:
* "Critical Thinking: Five Strategies to Prepare for the Affordable Care Act and a Transformed
American Health Care System" - David N. Gans, MSHA, FACMPE (Click to View)
* "Health Care Pioneers Suggest Bold Health Care Cure" - Jason Hwang, MD (Click to View)

Acknowledgements: This supplement was supported by a grant to the Jefferson School of
Population Health from Informed Opinion Leadership Action Group, HealthNEXT, and
Symphony Corporation.

- 11th Population Health and Care Coordination Colloquium (Click to View)

    * IOLAG Change Agent Roundtable - Sunday, March 13, 2011: 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM
      on campus at Jefferson School of Population Health, Thomas Jefferson University

Special Report: "Ingenuity Drives Neighborhood Cultures of Health"
2010 Employer Leadership Summit: Old Ebbitt Grill, Washington, DC
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“Fixing Health Care on the Front Lines”
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“Assessment Tools Power Culture of Population Wellbeing”
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“Back to the Future - “Virtual Health Management: It’s About Time”
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How to Evolve, Achieve and Thrive:
Change Agents Offer Employers Rx for Complying With Health Care Reform.
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Insightful Information

- Health and Performance Improvement / Continuous Value Enhancement (HPI/CVE)

“CARE Coordination Summitt: Improving Practices in a Time of Change”
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Hospital and Clinic Employer Leadership Dinner:
“Population Health Pioneers Advocate Healthcare Cure”
Tuesday, October 5, 2010 -- 5:30 PM – 8:00 PM: Old Ebbitt Grill,
675 15th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005

By Invitation Only. Please contact Les C. Meyer, Chairman, IOLAG at or call 303-916-0017 to attend the event. HealthNEXT, LLC is the host and sponsor. Click to view PDF

Coming Soon: Taos Brain Injury Transitions: Culture of Health Institute, Inc.
Mark your calendars to help launch a new global brain injury transitions wellbeing resource foundation for the benefit of our troops in the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan and for our kids at home too during the kick-off of the IOLAG’s community-based collaborative being held at the El Monte Sagrado Resort Spa (click here) in Taos, NM, May 15-26, 2011. (Click here for Spring Invitation) Stay tuned for more details from the IOLAG on our “Fixing Healthcare on the Front Lines Series”.

"Engaging Disengaged Employees: The greatest predictor of employees’ productivity is their supervisor/ employee (S/E) relationship”
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Contact Us

HPI Advisors, LLC
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Les C. Meyer, MBA
President and CEO

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